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Dear chairman, professors, deans, teachers and friends from all countries: 【FOWCAAS】Thank you for your support. Our Antique & Collectibles in our "General Culture" circle is about to officially commence in the future. Relics by Ming Dynasty “Guan Jun Purple-Blue Glaze Deep Belly Bowl” below. I wish everyone good health and for our culture and arts to live forever. Note by【FOWCAAS】Founder Global Chief Counsel Grand Master Jason Tan http://www.fowcaas.org/


“Ming Dynasty Guan Jun Purple-Blue Glaze Deep Belly Bowl” Explain By Grand Master Jason Tan

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Invitado por “Federation of World Culture and Art Society”. FOWCAAS(Singapore) como Global Honorary Council - Founding Global Chief Counsel, Grand Master Jason Tan..

Sifu Brayan Rojas Herrera Global Honorary Council de la Federación Mundial de la Sociedad de Cultura y Arte.(SINGAPORE)

Muchas gracias por hermoso honor.